Why Are Auto Insurance Rates on the Rise this Year?

Thousands of people assess their auto insurance rates every year to see if changes can be made. Finding a policy that aligns with your budget can be difficult based on multiple factors. Things have been even more complex in the last year or so because of inflation. Many auto insurance companies issued billions of dollars worth of refunds to policyholders who substantially cut back on their driving habits during the pandemic. The reduction in mileage usage also caused insurance claims to go down.

All of these variables lowered the price of insurance throughout the country, as rates either became stagnant or declined. As drivers slowly get back to normal, insurance rates are climbing back up from record lows. While research shows that the auto insurance rates aren’t completely back to pre-pandemic levels, the belief is that a return to normal driving will mean more accidents and more expensive claims for insurers to cover. Analysts also point out that cost repairs continue to rise, though most of that is blamed on labor shortages, supply chain blockage, and malfunctioning chips. Read on to understand the actual reasons for rising auto insurance prices.

  • Rising Car SalesRecent research shows that auto insurance in Amarillo, Texas, rates may be impacted by an increase in new car purchases. Pre-pandemic research showed that most people preferred older cars. However, there is a current change in philosophy with the increase in new car sales. It’s worth noting though that many auto experts believe that the value of used vehicles may rise. Variables such as the inventory level for new vehicles combined with the microchip shortage have created a path for used car owners to cash in. It is expected that many used car owners will attempt to sell and take advantage of the high insurance rates for purchasing a new car. Used car owners may also attempt to trade up and find something new.
  • Future ProjectionsAuto experts expect insurance carriers to face some adversity as they navigate the increased number of claims with so many changing variables. Experts are also paying attention to potential trends. Increased repair and replacement costs will tighten things. The chip shortage will lead to more vehicle purchases, increased demand for used cars, and an overall return to previous driving levels. Experts point out that there are still some soft spots in the industry. Some carriers will opt to keep the same rates. Most drivers should be able to purchase auto insurance comfortably.

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The pandemic changed the insurance structure for many drivers. With things seemingly returning back to normal, insurance carriers may be concerned about potential risks. If you have questions about your auto insurance policy, contact our team at Advanced Insurance Group. We can help update your auto insurance policy for you.


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