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Is It True That Homeowners Insurance Covers Water Damage?

Knowing what your home insurance covers if your home suffers from water damage is essential because water is one of the most significant risks to your home and possessions. According to the Insurance Information Institute, nearly one in fifty homeowners report water damage or freezing yearly, making up 29% of all homeowners insurance claims. It is also one of the

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Home Insurance in Lubbock, TX: Surprising Things That Won’t Be Covered

Before buying a policy, policyholders should thoroughly research the things not covered by homeowners insurance. You should also carefully study the insurance contract’s fine print. Although home insurance frequently covers a variety of common risks that can affect your property, you shouldn’t become overconfident because it might not cover every accident. A typical homeowners insurance plan’s specific exclusions and inclusions

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Factors That Have an Impact on Your Home Insurance Premiums

Your homeowners insurance rates depend on multiple factors. Locating the ideal home is the first step; the next is to discover an ideal homeowners insurance. While you will need to compare multiple policies before choosing the one that suits your needs, it is always a good idea to be aware of the variables that are taken into account when calculating

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Water Damage Coverage by Your Homeowners Insurance

Your homeowners insurance protects you from financial loss when certain unexpected events cause damage to your home. Water damage can be extensive when it occurs, so knowing that you have the right type of insurance in place will give you peace of mind. Only certain types of water damage are covered by your homeowners insurance. This article discusses the water

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7 Ways to Reduce Homeowners insurance Payment

Homeowners’ insurance, or home insurance, as it is commonly called, is a form of insurance that protects private buildings and the belongings inside from loss and damage. Besides protecting the building, there are other reasons for having home insurance, like getting a mortgage and saving yourself from liability if a person gets injured on your property. However, half of the

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A Comprehensive Guide to Insuring Your Vacation Home

Buying a second home is a great investment opportunity and also gives you a place to go when you want to get away on vacation. If you are putting money into the new home for either purpose, you need to have sufficient insurance in place in case the home is damaged or destroyed. With proper coverage, your investment will be

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Can I Take My Homeowners Insurance Off My Taxes?

If you own a home-based business, you have a variety of tax deductions you can use, some of which you may not even have considered. With the cost of homeowners insurance constantly going up, there are only so many discounts you can apply to make it more affordable. Including your homeowners insurance premiums as a tax deduction may balance out

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The Difference Between Modular and Manufactured Home Insurance

Modular, manufactured, and mobile homes are sometimes mixed up in terms of how they are made and how they are set in place. The key is to understand the different elements of each one. All of them are similar but have subtleties that make them unique. All three types of homes are assembled to some degree in a facility and

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10 Surprising Insights to Homeowners Insurance

First-time home buyers should be aware of what homeowners insurance can do for them. Many people may assume that this insurance covers anything and everything related to a home. Once you get past this misconception, you will have a clearer understanding of what the plan usually covers and how you can expand upon it. Here are important things to know

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