Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Whether your homeowners insurance will cover repair and replacement costs for a broken window in your home depends on the type of policy you have and the cause of damage to the window. Your homeowners insurance is either based on a named-peril or open-peril coverage. If the peril that damaged the window is a named peril or not specifically excluded in the open-peril coverage, it may be covered.

The blog will discuss the several scenarios where your homeowners insurance coverage will cover the broken window. Your homeowners insurance includes six coverage types: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Here, you will also learn about the coverage types that can be used to pay for broken windows.

Coverage for Broken Window by a Named Peril

The common perils covered by standard homeowners insurance are theft and vandalism, fire, and wind and hail. If the window is damaged due to any of these perils, it may be covered by your:

  • Dwelling coverage (Coverage A): if the broken window is a part of your home.
  • Other structure coverage (Coverage B): if the damaged window is in another structure on your property, such as a shed or an unattached garage.

However, your insurance provider will only accept your claim for a broken window if the damage is sudden or accidental. Your insurer may deny coverage if the damage caused is due to a lack of maintenance or wear and tear.

Importance of Deductibles and Coverage Limits on Your Homeowners Insurance Reimbursement for Broken Windows

Once your insurer approves your claim, you must pay the deductible before it gets activated, and you receive the compensation for repair and replacement. However, after getting an estimate of the repair or replacement costs, you may have to pay the repair charges from your pocket if you find that the deductible is less than the estimated cost. If the estimated amount is more than the deductible, your insurer will reimburse the balance amount of your claim after you pay the deductible. You must also know that the reimbursed amount will be only up to the coverage limit in your insurance.

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Me If I Break Someone’s Window?

Suppose you or a family member accidentally damage a window in someone else’s home. In that case, your homeowners insurance policy’s liability coverage (Coverage E) may cover the repair or replacement costs. While for other coverages in your homeowners insurance, you need to pay a deductible before the claim gets activated, you must remember that you do not have to pay a deductible for personal liability claims.

What Happens if I Break the Window of My House?

Your homeowners insurance may not cover accidental or otherwise damages caused by you or your family members to your home. You may have to pay the repair or replacement costs for such incidents alone.

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