Farm and Ranch Insurance: How to Protect Your Rural Property in Texas?

If you own a farm or ranch, naturally, you should carry what’s called farm, ranch, or rural property insurance. Whether it’s a personal or commercial operation, you need to protect the value of your assets from disasters. Here’s what you should know to ensure the rural property in Texas.

How Farm and Ranch Insurance Protect Rural Property?

When you insure rural property in Texas, it’s like buying a mix of home and business insurance. A general farm insurance policy protects your agricultural facilities and their content, including equipment. It can cover the home on the property as well.

What is Farm and Ranch Insurance?

Many farms and ranches are a blend of personal and commercial property. Farm and ranch insurance is designed to protect these home-business operations financially. It may cover barns and stables, as well as workshops and garages.

Since a farm or ranch typically relies on food production for its business model, it needs coverage for gardens and fields where crops are grown. If bad weather destroys crops, it can cause significant revenue losses. Farm and ranch insurance saves an agricultural operation from financial collapse.

What Does Farm and Ranch Insurance Cover?

Farm and ranch insurance protects the structures on the property and the possessions within them. The general liability portion of the insurance protects third parties who visit the property. Like a homeowners insurance policy, a standard farm insurance plan covers losses from fire, bad weather, theft, vandalism, and other misfortunes.

Rural Property Insurance: Covering Your Home On The Range

If you own a rural home and raise cattle, you need insurance to protect the value of each animal. Losses can be substantial if cattle are injured or wiped out by a natural disaster or thieves steal them. Having the right customized policy in place will pay for these losses. Every ranch is unique, which is why it helps base your insurance policy on the property’s special risks.

The four different types of rural property insurance are:

  1. Farm machinery and equipment
  2. Farm products
  3. Livestock
  4. Other agricultural structures

Covering Your Farm Or Ranch Equipment And Operations

Various types of farming machinery are necessary for competitive production. These machines may include tractors, plows, farm trailers, and other vehicles. Certain farming vehicles may require auto insurance.

Farm And Ranch Liability Insurance

The exact type of customized liability insurance you need depends on your farm or ranch size. It’s typically part of a standard farm and ranch insurance policy but can also be sold as a separate coverage. Other factors that affect your coverage selection include how the operation is run and whether the property is used for personal or commercial purposes.

You may decide on a personal umbrella policy if your farming is not for commercial purposes or a farm umbrella liability plan if it is. To help you learn your options, talk with an insurance professional about your farming interests and assets

Design Your Policy For Your Coverage Needs

Farmers and ranchers need to insure rural property in Texas, regardless of the type of operation they run. Contact us at Advanced Insurance Group to discuss your coverage options today!

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  1. Isidro Rios-Reply
    May 23, 2023 at 1:45 pm

    I am looking into buying some land. 4 acres. I will not have a home or any buildings on the property. I want to keep it rural for camping and enjoying the outdoors. No livestock or commercial equipment either. What kind of coverage would in need?

    • May 24, 2023 at 3:05 am

      If you’re planning to purchase 4 acres of land for recreational purposes like camping and enjoying the outdoors, you may not require extensive coverage typically associated with homes or commercial properties. However, it’s still essential to consider certain types of coverage to protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact our nearby office directly to ensure we address your specific needs and provide personalized advice.

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