Prepare your home to protect your Halloween guests.

Whether it be trick-or-treaters or party guests, you will probably get many visitors this Halloween.  The last thing that you want is for someone to injure themselves while on your property.  While having the right homeowners insurance in Lubbock, Texas, will cover any liability issues that arise on your property, taking other steps can prevent injuries in the first place.  Here are some of the things you can do prepare your home for a safe Halloween.

  • Turn on Outdoor Lights

If you have outdoor lighting fixtures, then make sure that you switch them on when darkness begins to fall.  When your outdoor walkways are well-lit, it reduces the chances of someone tripping, falling, and injuring themselves on the way to your front door.  If you do not have outdoor lights, then now is the perfect time to install some.  When purchasing outdoor lighting fixtures, check the manufacturer’s details to verify which wattage bulbs it will support.  Installing bulbs with too high of a wattage will pose a fire risk to your home.

  • Decorate Wisely

If you want to decorate your home for Halloween, then do so cautiously.  Avoid putting small decorations on your walkways as this could pose a fall risk to your Halloween visitors.  You should also avoid hanging heavy, potentially dangerous decorations overhead as they could cause some serious damage if they were to fall.  Finally, try not to get too extreme with your scary decorations.  Scaring your guests too badly could have disastrous results.

  • Secure Railings

If you have a railing going up your front steps or surrounding your porch, then make sure it is properly secured.  Having a sturdy railing will lower the chances of someone losing their balance and falling while on your property.

  • Make Your Porch Non-Slip

If you live in an area prone to wet weather, then your front steps and porch area can become slippery with rain.  This can increase the risk of someone slipping, falling, and injuring themselves this Halloween.  To make your steps and porch non-slip, strategically apply friction tape.  This will help your visitors’ shoes maintain grip even in the wettest conditions.

These are some of the precautions that you should take around your home this Halloween.  Want another way to protect your home and your guests?  Then make sure you have the right homeowners insurance in Lubbock, Texas.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at Promised Land Insurance Group today.

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