Home Insurance in Lubbock, TX: Surprising Things That Won’t Be Covered

Before buying a policy, policyholders should thoroughly research the things not covered by homeowners insurance. You should also carefully study the insurance contract’s fine print. Although home insurance frequently covers a variety of common risks that can affect your property, you shouldn’t become overconfident because it might not cover every accident.

A typical homeowners insurance plan’s specific exclusions and inclusions depend solely on the specifics of your policy, which, against popular belief, varies from one to the next. This blog will discuss the most common things not covered under homeowners insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Will Not Cover a Misguided Renovation Project

Building permits from your town may be necessary, depending on the size and extent of the renovation. Building inspectors can halt renovations or order torn down and rebuilt if the required permits or building codes are not obtained or met. Rebuilding costs are not covered by homeowners insurance.

If a building inspector orders you to stop a renovation or start over, problems under “ordinance or law” are not covered by a typical house insurance policy. As a result, you won’t be able to submit a claim for demolition, brand-new supplies, or extra labor.

Natural Disasters  Won’t be Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Your homeowners insurance coverage often covers a variety of natural calamities, though not all of them. Typically, insurance policies do not provide coverage for earthquakes and other earth-related natural events like:

  • Flood: According to the institute’s guide on what disasters are covered by insurance, damage brought on by flooding is not covered by typical homeowners insurance plans. Because of this, getting flood insurance is a wise decision if you live in a flood-prone area.
  • Earthquake: Similar to flooding, earthquakes can harm properties significantly and, in some circumstances, irreparably. If you don’t have a separate policy for such scenarios, you’ll almost certainly not be protected from the damage.

Mold Damage Isn’t Covered by Homeowners Insurance

If mold develops due to a “covered risk,” such as water damage from a broken water heater or firefighters extinguishing fires on your property, a policy might cover it.

Mold, however, won’t be covered if it was brought on by dangers not covered by your policy, such as flooding, or by recurring issues that could have been avoided, like a gradual water leak or high humidity. Get your mold damage repaired as fast as possible. Call us for a free consultation.

Sewer Damage Won’t be Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Another form of damage that many might assume is covered but isn’t is sewer damage. Unless you add supplemental coverage to your current insurance, you won’t be protected from an additional hassle following a filthy clean-up process.

Why is it not mentioned? Simple. Sewer damage is pricey and can harm far more than simply the walls or ceiling when it comes through, like the other claims in this list.

The fine print of your insurance policy may not seem like fascinating reading. Still, it’s better to spend the time to fully grasp what it covers—before you find yourself in a sticky situation and learn you aren’t covered for that specific loss or responsibility.

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