Impact of Your Driving Record on Auto Insurance Rates

You get auto insurance to protect yourself from the financial brunt caused by accidents. However, from an insurance service provider’s perspective, the auto insurance premium will depend on the risk of you running into an accident. It is a fact that a careless driver is at a higher risk of an accident. Your previous driving record shows your cautiousness.

Here is what you need to know about the impact of your driving record on your auto insurance premium.

Frequency of Checking Your Driving Record

When you apply for auto insurance, most service providers will access your driving history to understand the risk of accidents. After that, every time you renew your policy, there will be subsequent record verification to determine your auto insurance rates. Some insurance agencies may check on your driving details every year.

How Will an Accident on Your Driving Record Affect the Auto Insurance Rate?

Although accident tickets can increase your premium, note that this is not the only parameter for determining your premium rate. Factors like how long you have been availing the services of the particular insurance provider, the number of accidents claimed from them, and the types of accidents you got into are significant contributors to determining your insurance premium.

While it is always better to keep your driving record clean, there is no need to panic if things go wrong. Sit back and evaluate if there are any defensive driving courses you can take to remove negative comments from your driving record.

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