Is Temporary Car Insurance an Asset?

Finding affordable car insurance is something many drivers need help with. Finding affordable car insurance is challenging for many drivers because they are influenced by multiple factors, including the car’s make and model, driving history, and the neighborhood in which they reside. Perhaps you’re feeling stressed about your inability to find affordable rates and considering purchasing temporary coverage. Here’s an overview of temporary car insurance.

  • Temporary Car Insurance Explained

    Most insurance companies do not offer temporary car insurance. Car insurance policies are generally offered in six to twelve-month periods. Insurance companies commonly allow drivers to make monthly payments, and they can cancel their policy at any time while it’s active. You should refrain from working with insurers who offer temporary car insurance, as the policy may include minimal or overpriced coverage. Also, some auto insurance companies use temporary car insurance as a marketing ploy to attract customers. It’s doubtful that you will find a quick car insurance policy for a month or two.

  • Assess Your Options 1. Rental Coverage

    If you need temporary car insurance for a few days, purchasing rental coverage is an option. You should contact your insurer to see if they offer special coverage for driving a rental car. Most credit card companies also offer rental coverage if you use the card for your rental. A potential exclusion is renting a car to perform work-related tasks. You may have to purchase temporary car insurance from the rental company.

    2. Storage Coverage

    You may be searching for temporary car insurance because you will put the car in storage for a few months. You should insure your car while it’s in storage because it could be stolen or vandalized. Some states mandate that drivers maintain at least minimum coverage on their car while it’s in storage or risk facing a penalty.

    3. Adding Someone

    Perhaps you are concerned because you’re letting a friend borrow your car temporarily. You should contact your insurer to see if your policy includes a permissive user clause. The clause protects your car when someone else uses it temporarily. You don’t have to add them to your car insurance policy officially. Adding someone to your car insurance temporarily will likely increase your premiums.

  • Non-owner Insurance

    Non-owner car insurance is recommended if you drive cars you don’t own consistently. Non-owner policies include mandatory liability coverage. You will maintain consistent coverage since the insurance is tied to you, not the vehicle. Purchasing non-owner car insurance can help you save money by avoiding the higher costs of purchasing traditional insurance. Be aware, though, that non-owner car insurance is considered secondary coverage.

  • Things to Consider

    Remember that car insurance is generally sold in six to twelve-month installments. You can purchase coverage for half a year and opt to go month to month after that. It’s recommended that you cancel your policy before it expires. If you’ve already paid your premiums upfront, request a refund as soon as possible. It’s recommended that you assess quotes from multiple carriers to ensure that you can find the rate that best aligns with your finances.

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Temporary car insurance policies are generally unavailable. However, you have a few options to consider if you are seeking to avoid purchasing traditional car insurance. Contact our team here at Advanced Insurance will work with you to find a good solution.

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