How Will Renovating My Home Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

Making renovations to your home is sometimes a necessary project that you must undergo. It involves planning, sketching, projecting, and designing the new look for your place. House renovation can impact your home insurance in various ways, and this could either be positive or negative depending on the type of renovation you are about to undergo. Homeowners insurance works differently depending on your insurance provider. In this article, we will show how various renovations can increase or decrease your premium value.

How Renovations Can Impact Your Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance and renovations almost go hand in hand. It is one of the most common occurrences that can affect your insurance. There are two significant impacts any alterations to your house can cause. They can either increase or decrease your insurance premiums. This section will discuss some renovations that fall under each category and how they will impact you.

Increase Policy

If you decide to do any of these when you want to renovate your house, they will increase your insurance premium.


Adding a pool to your house can be an excellent addition for aesthetic and functional purposes, but it is sure to raise your insurance premium. Regular policies will require up to $100,000 to cover expenses due to injuries or other liabilities resulting from a pool.


An office will help you focus while you work from home and improve your productivity, but it will increase your rates. You will need a policy that covers a home business. If your insurance isn’t extensive and doesn’t cover a home business, you will need to get that coverage. This added coverage can cost you as much as $2500.


Expanding or increasing your existing space to accommodate a growing family is sometimes necessary, but this increase in the area will cost you more on your rates. Your insurer will need to revalue your new space to account for the expansion before recalculating your premium.

Decrease Policy

The following renovation on your home will decrease your insurance premiums.


The roof of the house is a vital part of your building, and sometimes you will need to make changes to improve its quality and durability. Although most insurance providers cover the roof of your house, old roofs will cost more. Changing your roof will often decrease your premium or give you a discount on your premium.

These are just some of the renovations that can affect your insurance premiums. Other renovations can affect your insurance, and if you want to undergo any upgrades, it is best to contact your insurer to discuss how it will affect you.

Renovating your home is an excellent way to add new features to your space without buying a new property.  If you need more information about homeowners insurance, contact the experts at Promised Land Insurance Group. We are ready to help you with all your coverage needs.

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