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Smart Moves: 7 Essential Steps for New Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting milestone but comes with a new set of responsibilities. To ensure your journey as a new homeowner is smooth, taking intelligent steps that will save you time, money, and stress in the long run is crucial. Keep reading to learn about seven essential strategies every new homeowner should consider. These intelligent steps for new

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The Top 7 Homeowners Insurance Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Securing homeowners insurance is crucial in safeguarding your most valuable asset – your home. However, in the rush to obtain coverage, many homeowners unwittingly make critical mistakes that can have costly consequences. Keep reading to learn about seven common mistakes homeowners make while purchasing insurance and how to avoid them. By removing these pitfalls, you can ensure that your home

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Understanding Homeowners Insurance and Gutter Repairs

Owning a home comes with a multitude of responsibilities, including the maintenance of essential components like gutters. These unassuming fixtures are crucial in protecting your home from water damage. But what happens if your gutters are damaged? Will your homeowners insurance come to the rescue? Let’s explore the intricacies of homeowners insurance and its coverage for gutter damage. Types of

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5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Home Insurance

Home insurance, an instrumental piece of personal finance, provides financial protection for one of our most valuable assets. However, the intricate workings of home insurance go far beyond simply safeguarding the physical structure of a home. In this post, we’re going to uncover five surprising facts about home insurance that many people are surprisingly unaware of. The True Value of

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Whether your homeowners insurance will cover repair and replacement costs for a broken window in your home depends on the type of policy you have and the cause of damage to the window. Your homeowners insurance is either based on a named-peril or open-peril coverage. If the peril that damaged the window is a named peril or not specifically excluded

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Water Damage Coverage by Your Homeowners Insurance

Your homeowners insurance protects you from financial loss when certain unexpected events cause damage to your home. Water damage can be extensive when it occurs, so knowing that you have the right type of insurance in place will give you peace of mind. Only certain types of water damage are covered by your homeowners insurance. This article discusses the water

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A Basic Guide to Homeowners Insurance in Lubbock, TX

Getting the right homeowners insurance in Lubbock takes a little research and reflection on what items you need to protect. There are various ways your home can be damaged by a disaster, so you have to review an insurance policy carefully to make sure it covers everything you believe is valuable. Here’s a look at the factors you need to

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How Will Renovating My Home Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

Making renovations to your home is sometimes a necessary project that you must undergo. It involves planning, sketching, projecting, and designing the new look for your place. House renovation can impact your home insurance in various ways, and this could either be positive or negative depending on the type of renovation you are about to undergo. Homeowners insurance works differently

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