3 Practical Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Homeowners

As one of the most celebrated holidays in the U.S., Thanksgiving is characterized by several fun-filled and festive activities that include socializing, cooking, eating, among others. However, unfortunately, all the fun and festivities come with their share of unforeseen mishappenings and accidents resulting in injuries and, in more severe cases, even deaths.

Here are a few Thanksgiving safety tips that can help you minimize your risk of liability and make sure your family has a happy holiday.

1. Watch Out for the Kids

Little children can get into almost anything that piques their curiosity. Keep an eye out for your children, especially when they make their way into the kitchen. As they reach for a cookie or other treat, they may not be aware of sharp objects or the heat from the stove. Be mindful of where your children are and keep sharp objects away from the edge of the counter. Make sure to keep the kids away from the stove while cooking and away from the table where the turkey is being carved.

2. Pick Up Your Home and Lawn

Tripping is a common hazard faced by all, regardless of whether it is little children or your elderly relatives. Ensure there are no obstacles in the walkways and pick up loose rugs that may slip and slide across smooth floors. Move furniture out of the way to prevent someone from running into a corner or stubbing their toes. Pick up any lawn debris that may have blown onto your sidewalks, driveways, or on to the yard. Keeping your home and lawn clean and well-maintained is one of the most effective ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls that could lead to an injury.

3. Practice Safe Kitchen Habits

Always practice safe kitchen habits. While cooking over a hot stove, keep the handles to your pots and pans directed toward the center of the stove. Close your oven door instead of leaving it open to cool off. When it comes to sharp objects, make sure to keep them in a place where small children can’t reach them. When it comes to carving the turkey, take a few minutes to make sure everyone knows who has the carving knife. This will allow them to carve the turkey without worrying about someone bumping into them. If something is spilled, wipe it up immediately, making sure there is no sticky residue.

Keeping these tips in mind and putting them into practice will ensure a safer thanksgiving for everyone at home. Besides these safety tips having the right home insurance coverage will assure you of your loved ones’ safety. If you need more information about homeowners insurance, contact the experts at Promised Land Insurance Group. We are ready to help you with all your coverage needs.

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